“Manolito Four-Eyes, The 2nd Volume of the Great Encyclopedia of My Life,” by Elvira Lindo

“Manolito Four-Eyes, The 2nd Volume of the Great Encyclopedia of My Life,” by Elvira Lindo is the second book of the “Manolito Four-Eyes” series. It continues the history of Manolito’s life and greatest moments.
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Manolito is a ten-year-old boy living in Spain. He’s better known by his nickname, “Four-Eyes,” inspired by his thick glasses. Manolito loves playing with his friends in Hangman’s Park, a local hangout. Unfortunately, Manolito and his friends can always find some way to get in trouble.

The action starts with Manolito’s classic voice:

Boy, did I get chewed out the other day. My legs are still shaking from it. And I didn’t just get chewed out; I got the worst punishment in the history of rock and roll. When my mom was yelling at me, telling me all the different things I was going to suffer through over the weekend, I said “Could you please go a little slower? I wanna write this down.”

Manolito’s voice is honest and thorough as he tells the reader about how two of his friends came up with the idea to steal some candy from the local convenience store. Naturally, the three of them didn’t get away with it, and Manolito ended up paying the penalty.

Manolito’s life is a continual parade of mistakes and mishaps. At the crowded local pub, Manolito accidently cheers a player on the other soccer team playing against the local Barcelona team. Manolito and his friends take part in a local school program to turn trash into art. Of course, things don’t go quite as planned, and the art gets a little more competitive than necessary. When Manolito and his friends form the “Filthy Feet Gang” their mothers shut it down without hesitation.

My favorite chapter out of all of them, was chapter eight: “A Clear Conscious”. Manolito begins telling his tale:

By now, on every street corner in Carabanchel they’re talking about the crime I committed. A small piece of advice: if you want to keep a secret, go live in another neighborhood; in this one it’s impossible.

The funniest thing about it is I swear that I didn’t commit any crime, and to this day, no one believes me. I will being my terrifying story from the beginning of time….

The second volume of Manolito’s life is just as humorous and detailed as the first installment of the “Manolito” series. Manolito’s honest and thorough voice make this story worth reading. His youthful innocence and seriousness are sure to keep readers amused.

If you have read “Manolito Four-Eyes” then I definitely recommend that you read this second book in the popular Spanish series, and I would certainly keep my eye out for further developments as the series is translated from the original Castilian Spanish to English.

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