“Once Upon a Marigold” by Jean Ferris

“Once Upon a Marigold” by Jean Ferris is classic, happy ending, modern fairy tale. The front cover of my edition says it all: “part comedy, part love story, part everything-but-the-kitchen-sink.” I’ll readily admit that its not as deep as my usual book selections, but it makes for a very satisfying and peaceful read for those times when you’re just tired of suspense, deep plots, etc.

Basically, “Once Upon a Marigold” is the story of an orphan adopted by a troll. Having grown up with his adoptive father for all his life, young Christian, the orphan, longs to have more association with other humans. He starts p-mailing Princess Marigold, across the river. Yes that‘s p-mail, short for pigeon mail, not email. A romance buds, although Christian knows that he could never really be with Princess Marigold. Eventually, though, he finds employment at the castle. He’s now closer to Princess Marigold, but he’s now painfully aware of Princess Marigold’s mother’s attempts to marry her off. Eventually he uncovers a desperate plot and a trail of deception by Marigold’s mother, the Queen. The book ends in a classic grand finale that includes dog-powered flight and, you guessed it, a marriage.

At any rate, the book, although obviously for the young teen audience, is a pleasant read.

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lilfilly said...

i am intrigued and will read this one! thanks!

NathanKP said...

I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for commenting.


Anonymous said...

omg this was such a good book i loved it. the way he was so poor while she was so rich but they still found a way to be together. really good book