“Roots and Wings,” by Many Li

“Roots and Wings,” by Many Li is a fascinating novel that explores the themes of culture and the generation gap.Book Cover of Roots and Wings by Many Li

The main character is Grace, a fourteen-year-old girl. When her grandmother Naree dies, Grace and her mother must travel back to the Cambodian community in Florida where Grace's mother and grandmother grew up so that they can give Naree a traditional funeral. Grace is excited by the trip, because it means that she will have a chance to learn more about Cambodian culture. But the most important thing for Grace is to find out who her father was. In Florida, Grace and her mother are welcomed by grandmother's friends, but Grace is still left feeling slightly left out because she doesn't understand the traditional Cambodian customs.

“Roots and Wings” is about Grace's reaction to the Cambodian culture that she was never exposed to before. It is also about her search for her father, and her discovery of the many secrets about her Grandmother and Mother that she never knew before.

I thought that “Roots and Wings” was a very interesting book. It depicts Cambodian customs and thought processes in vivid detail. Although the storyline wasn't exactly thrilling, I enjoyed reading “Roots and Wings” because of its cultural considerations. If you enjoy reading about other cultures then “Roots and Wings” is an excellent read.

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