“The Calder Game,” by Blue Balliett

“The Calder Game,” by Blue Balliett is a marvelous mystery featuring three young people who must learn to see the hidden secrets in the world around them.

Book Cover of The Calder Game by Blue BalliettIt all starts when Calder Pillay and his father travel to a remote village in England. The village is hundreds of years old, full of history and tradition. But a strange series of events begins when an anonymous donor gives the town a modern sculpture by Alexander Calder, a famous minimalist artist and mobile designer. The modern piece of art is soon installed in the village square, but the sharp contrast between it and the ancient village soon causes an uproar.

Things come to a head, though, when the both the Alexander Calder sculpture and young Calder Pillay disappear on the same night! It appears that someone has stolen the statue, but why did young Calder disappear as well, and how was he involved? Soon Calder's friends Petra and Tommy are on the trail, searching for Calder. Little do they know, but this mystery has more involved than meets the eye.

I really enjoyed reading “The Calder Game.” Blue Balliett's world is very subtle, with fine details that mesh together and influence each other in marvelous ways. The fine details in the plot are echoed in Balliett's immaculate portrayal of her characters. Just as in her previous two best selling mysteries, “The Calder Game” is a carefully designed journey that it definitely worth taking. I recommend it to any reader.

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Anonymous said...

I love the book i have also read the other two books in the series and i adorre them. :)

Anonymous said...

you should really read this book

Anonymous said...

wonderful book

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