“Project Mulberry,” by Linda Sue Park

“Project Mulberry,” by Linda Sue Park is a junior novel about a surprisingly enthralling science fair project.

The two main characters are Julia Song and her friend Patrick. They have always worked on school projects together but this time they have a more important goal: win the blue ribbon at the school science fair. The only problem is that they need an idea that is sufficiently interesting. Then Julia's mother suggests that they raise silkworms and harvest the silk like she did when she was a young girl in Korea.

Patrick immediately accepts the idea wholeheartedly, but Julia is a little more hesitant.

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Review of "Project Mulberry" by Linda Sue Park

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Anonymous said...

it was sucj an awesome book!!!!!!!!!!!!! i totally like loved it!!! i would recomend this book to everybody who lives in a forgein country, has problems with cross-cultures, and people who do not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A girl who loved this book! said...

This was a very good book and it teaches you about one of the steps that you have to take in life. It is the best book that I have ever read. I did a reading project on it because the book was so good! awesome book and i recommend it to everyone of all ages.

Anonymous said...

I love this book! Now if anybody could do my book report for me that would be great.

Anonymous said...

I read it and I <3 it! Here is a summary about it. the main characters are Julia Song and her friend Patrick. They are both in the WGGL club a.c.a Wiggle Club. They are doing this project on Silkworms. Julia didn't like the idea because she thought it was too Korean because she is Korean and she wanted to do a project more American. She decided not to tell Patrick why she didn't want to do that idea of the project because she didn't want to hurt his feelings. thats all im gonna tell u

Anonymous said...

this is the best book I ever read!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hello why dont you put the awnsers on the back of the book?