“Shakespeare's Scribe,” by Gary Blackwood

“Shakespeare's Scribe,” by Gary Blackwood is a fascinating historical fiction novel that is part of “The Shakespeare Stealer Series.”

When Widge first joined The Lord Chamberlain's Men it was with the intent of stealing one of their plays for his master, the owner of a rival theater company. But with Shakespeare's acting company Widge experiences two things: a group of people who open their hearts to accept him as one of their own, and an intense desire to become an actor himself.

In “Shakespeare's Scribe” the theater company is facing dangerous times. The Black Plague is threatening London, and the Queen, eager to prevent an outbreak, decides to ban all public gatherings, including plays. The Lord Chamberlain's Men have only one option: leave London and try their luck performing in the surrounding townships and villages. Along the way Widge helps Shakespeare by serving as a scribe as well as an actor.

Gary Blackwood did a wonderful job in researching and designing “Shakespeare's Scribe.” The historical details feel very real. Indeed, sometimes the hardest part is figuring out what is actually fiction. The characters feel very real, with admirable depth and realism. I highly recommend “Shakespeare's Scribe” both as an enjoyable adventure and as an educational experience.

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lezhie said...

it was really good & exceptional! especially the bubonic plague which attacked the whole Europe country and even strike to London...:). Ahh!!living back my reading addiction..I love reading!!♥

lezhie said...

wait,was the story about when widge have to choose between which he will go through against his father of stage theater? ANY?..thank you...full support for this book...try to love reading all books specially those will leave us moral development about good values in life towards success.!!!thanks you all...continue reading and enjoy what you have now!!!be contented,always.,,remember god first in your life!bye..loves much♥

lezhie said...

I thought of something that will someday people will give their time for it and to be aware of what's happening unto us..:))))this book leaves us good values in life!!!read it won't stop it now...thanks..

Anonymous said...

This book was kinda lame at the beginning, I didn't really like historical fiction, until I read this! :) I LOOOVVVEEE TTTOOOO RRREEEAAADDDDD!!!! :) mhmm..

Anonymous said...

actually the anonymous was krishna! :)

Anonymous said...

were reading it in class and i hate it

Anonymous said...

I am in a advanced class and we have to read it on our own. we had to read the shakespear stealer last year and I still am really confused like I don't even know who is speaking in the book that's how confused I am.