“The Underneath,” by Kathi Appelt

“The Underneath,” by Kathi Appelt is a marvelous animal story that has a pleasant but suspenseful plot.

“The Underneath” is a story made up of two parts. To begin with it is the tale of a calico cat who is abandoned in the forest. She finds a rundown shack inhabited by a lonely, chained-up hound, and his cruel master, Gar-Face. When the calico cat hides under the porch she makes a choice that will have long lasting consequences, for it is here that she has her kittens. The kittens are very curious, and if they should ever leave the safety they enjoy beneath the shack they are sure to caught by Gar-Face and used as alligator bait.

But “The Underneath” is also the tale of a serpent buried in a clay jar, a serpent who lost the only things she ever loved. One day she will be set free, and then she gain her revenge.

Kathi Appelt's tale is written in a remarkable voice that captures the power of both love and hate. The strongly woven plot teaches lessons about the importance of keeping promises. “The Underneath” is a book that I'm sure readers of all ages will enjoy for its wonderful characters and beautiful plot.

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Anonymous said...

fabulous book! should have been 5 star from the very beggining it was exiting!

NathanKP said...

Thanks for commenting. I'm glad that you enjoyed "The Underneath". It is a decent animal story. Not quite as exciting as some other stories I've read, but decent.

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