“11000 Years Lost,” by Peni R. Griffin

“11000 Years Lost,” by Peni R. Griffin is a time travel story that takes a young girl 11000 years into the past.
Book Cover of 11000 Years Lost by Peni R. Griffin
When Esther discovers an ancient spearhead it is the start of an archaeological dig near her school. Soon she is helping on of the archaeologists on her dig. But then something strange happens and Esther is taken 11000 years into the past, during the Ice Age.

Although she is adopted by a group of Stone Age people that doesn't mean that Esther is out of danger. Not only is the Ice Age world populated by dangerous animals: giant bears, saber tooth tigers, and woolly mammoths, but Esther's relationship with the Stone Age group is a slightly strained. Esther's new friends still aren't sure whether Esther will bring them good or bad luck, and some of them don't want to support a young girl who can't contribute to the group's survival. At the same time, Esther must try to find a way back to the present.

“11000 Years Lost” is very well imagined. The details in the story and the depictions of Ice Age life are very well researched. As a result the book has a convincing feel that I found very enjoyable. The unique time travel aspect also makes “11000 Years Lost” a special book. Fans of time travel books will find “11000 Years Lost” to be a rewarding read.

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I need help on this book said...

can some one please post a link or something with a summary of some chapter so I can finish my homework faster thank you. Really I need chapter 26 to 42, if you really know and like this book please help me on it thank you.