“Genius Squad,” by Catherine Jinks

“Genius Squad,” by Catherine Jinks continues a thrilling story that began with “Evil Genius.”

Book Cover of Genius Squad by Catherine JinksCadel has escaped the clutches of criminal mastermind Dr. Darkkon and Prosper English, another devious man who is believed to be Cadel's father. But that doesn't mean that Cadel's life is perfect. Just because he is cooperating with the police doesn't mean that Cadel has lost his previous reputation, and just because Cadel's former evil acquaintances are in jail doesn't mean that Cadel is safe.

Cadel is trying to reform his life and cooperate on the right side of the law, but for the time being he must live in an orphanage, with no computer, but plenty of obnoxious kids. At the same time Cadel knows that the round-the-clock surveillance that the police are using to protect him won't help if Prosper English manages to escape from jail.

That's when a secret group called the Genuis Squad approaches Cadel. They appear to be investigating one of Dr. Darkkon's companies with the intent of uncovering any illegal behavior that could be used to shut it down. This gives Cadel a chance to use his computer skills and interest in complex systems to do something beneficial. But at the same time he fears that the Genius Squad has a hidden secret, and he knows from experience that with people like Prosper English in the world, nothing is quite what it seems.

Catherine Jink's fantastic sequel takes Cadel to completely knew levels. Not only does she show the struggle that Cadel must face to make a new reputation as a law abiding person, but the storyline in “Genius Squad” is even more exciting and action packed than that in “Evil Genius.” I would definitely recommend “Genius Squad” if you are looking for a thrilling book to read.

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