“The Great Interactive Dream Machine,” by Richard Peck

“The Great Interactive Dream Machine,” by Richard Peck is a science fiction novel about a machine that fulfills dreams, and a sequel to “Lost in Cyberspace.”
Book Cover of The Great Interactive Dream Machine by Richard Peck
When Josh Lewis finds out that his best friend Aaron is working on another high-tech computer experiment he doesn't realize just how strange this project really is. Aaron is working on a machine that will grant wishes. But the problems begin when Josh introduces a bug in Aaron's code. Suddenly the machine is responding to everyone's wants and needs, from the family dog, to the cranky old lady downstairs. In between trying to repair the damage that the device is doing, will Josh and Aaron ever be able to get it working correctly?

I enjoyed reading “The Great Interactive Dream Machine.” Richard Peck's novel is humorous, but not ridiculous. The characters are interesting and the technological aspect is dealt with in a very balanced manner. I would recommend “The Great Interactive Dream Machine” for its interesting combination of science and humor.

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