“Tin Angel,” written by Shannon Cowan

“Tin Angel,” written by Shannon Cowan is the story of a young girl accused of committing murder.

Book Cover of Tin Angel by Shannon CowanEverything in Ronnie Page's life changes when her father dies in a car accident. Without her father's help the family's mountain lodge starts to fall into disrepair. Ronnie's mother starts drinking and it appears as if the family may be homeless soon.

Then Louis Moss comes onto the scene. By buying the lodge he gives the family a second chance, but it means that they must move to town, away from the wilderness that Ronnie loves. Ronnie dislikes Louis for what she sees as his involvement in ruining their former life. At the same time she must cope with the peer pressure of other kids at the town school.

When Ronnie goes back to visit her former home and has a chance meeting with Louis, disaster strikes and she is accused of murdering Louis. Ronnie knows that she is innocent, but she can't reveal everything she knows because she has secrets of her own.

“Tin Angel” is an interesting tale, and its sudden turns and hidden secrets give the book a touch of mystery. Shannon Cowan has created realistic characters for “Tin Angel” and the plot is fairly beleivable. The only thing that slightly disappointed me was that the final court scene where Ronnie will receive her judgement of either guilty or innocent seemed a little rushed. Parts of it were merely paraphrased and condensed. I like the details of court scenes, with the witnesses statements, all of the defense's arguments, etc. Unlike the complicated court proceedings in “To Kill a Mockingbird,” the court scenes in Shannon Cowan's “Tin Angel” are elaborate in some areas and condensed in others. All in all, though, “Tin Angel” is a great book by a great author.

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Anonymous said...

I think tin angel is a great book, because of all the suspence and it makes u want to keep on reading !! :D