“Audrey, Wait!” by Robin Benway

“Audrey, Wait!” by Robin Benway is a surprisingly masterful book about a teenage girl who suddenly becomes a famous figure.

When Audrey decides to break up with her boyfriend Evan she feels that it is a justified thing. Not does Evan spend all of his time focusing on music and his band, but in the end they have little in common. Little does Audrey realize, however, but Evan is about to change her life completely. The night after Audrey leaves him Evan writes a song about the breakup, a song entitled “Audrey, Wait!”

When the song achieves minor success at a local band concert and on the local college radio station Audrey is slightly irritated, but she feels that the popularity will soon die out. But before she knows it “Audrey, Wait!” has leaped to the top of the charts and she has become a nationally recognized figure. People on the street know all about her breakup with Evan. Some people love her while others hate her. With the tabloids tracking her every move and the paparazzi storming her at home and at school Audrey feels that her life can never return to normal.

Robin Benway's “Audrey, Wait!” is a simply fantastic story. Not only does it show the real life behind being a star, but it shows how fame can influence people. “Audrey, Wait!” shows how the entertainment industry sucks people in, uses them to make money, and then spits them out without a second thought.

I recommend the fascinating “Audrey, Wait!” to all readers.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing, amazing, amazing book. It was enjoyable, and downright funny. The plot line sounds a bit taboo, but only Robin Benway could make it as believable as it is. Now my favorite book.

NathanKP said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed "Audrey Wait" so thoroughly!

Thanks for sharing your comment.