“Kopek the Destroyer,” by Phil Owens

“Kopek the Destroyer,” by Phil Owens is a humorous but rather awkward tale of a destructive puppy and the efforts of its owner to keep it under control.
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The story begins with a rather long and drawn out explanation of the author’s life and history with various pets, from rabbits to a grumpy dog named Tim adopted from the Blue Cross. Since the title and main theme of the book is supposed to be about a dog named Kopek I was at first a little mystified, but I read on.

Over the first 22 pages of the book Phil Owens describes how the family acquires another rabbit, a kitten, and various other animals. Eventually, he finally gets around to introducing Kopek.

Phil Owens and his wife find Kopek through an advertisement at their local pet supply store. At first they are a little skeptical about the description, which says that the puppies for sale are part Malemute, Husky, German Shepherd, and Czech Wolfhound. The breed is called the British Inuit. As these puppies are purebred they cost five hundred pounds, each, but after a little research Phil Owens decide that one of the puppies would be worth the investment.

Little do they know, but the new puppy Kopek is going to cost them a lot more than five hundred pounds. It isn’t long before they realize that Kopek is going to be more trouble than all the pets that they have ever had before. It starts during the very first night when he howl all through the sleeping hours because he was left downstairs.

And then they discover that Kopek likes to chew things. Any toys that they buy him are completely destroyed within hours. Before long Kopek starts his career of destroying things around the Owens' home. The following hundred pages go into great detail about every sneaky trick and destructive habit that Kopek develops during his puppy years.

At first the antics of Kopek are funny, but after the first ten or twenty similar passages about him destroying something it starts to get tiring. By the time that Phil Owens describes him chewing up the inside of the car, destroying the steering wheel and driver’s seat I was really getting irritated.

I think that overall the plot of Kopek becomes a little bit strained. From my own experience I can say that I got tired of the repetition and sort of skimmed through some of the passages. “Kopek the Destroyer” is just too much of a good thing.

If, however, you want to read 140 pages about a young dog destroying everything that you can imagine, then “Kopek the Destroyer” is the book for you.

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Phil Owens said...

Thank you for the review, although if you are going to publish a review it would be nice if you at least got the title right. The name of the dog, along with my name is spelled wrongly throughout the review.

I can happily accept that the book is not for everyone, but when a review is sloppily written with miss-spellings, and incorrect grammar, it is perhaps better that you not post the review at all.

NathanKP said...

You are very right! I did misspell the dog's name. I thought it was Kopeck. I will change it right away.

As for misspelling of your name I didn't notice that.

NathanKP said...

Okay, the edits have been made. I was of the opinion that Kopek was named after the Russian coin known as a kopeck. The alternate spelling mislead me.

Sorry for the error.