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Andrew Clements is one of the most prolific and most popular authors for school age children. His books feature realistic details and wonderful plots that are both exciting and reasonable. This listing will help you find some of his best works, reviewed here on Inkweaver Review. Click on any title to visit a more detailed description and review.

"The Landry News," by Andrew Clements

Cara Landry has always enjoyed journalism. The only problem is that the newspapers that she writes always seem to get her in trouble at school. When Cara moves to a new school she once again starts writing The Landry News, but this time her newspaper has surprising results that are quite different from what she expected!

"The Janitor's Boy," by Andrew Clements

Young Jack feels ashamed of his father's career as school janitor. The other students tease him about it, so Jack decides to play a trick on his father.

The only problem is, when the principal finds out his punishment for Jack is making him work with his father for two weeks. During these weeks Jack learns more about his father's job and the relationship between him and his dad is strengthened.

"A Week in the Woods," by Andrew Clements

Mark Chelmsey is used to going to an elite private school that his rich parents paid for him to attend. When the Chelmsey family moves to a small town in New Hampshire they have Mark attend the local public school until they can enroll him in another private school.

Mark has to get used to the public school environment and overcome the lasting effects of his initial snobbish attitude.

"Things Not Seen," by Andrew Clements

When Bobby Phillips wakes up one morning and finds that his body has become completely invisible it is the start of an amazing adventure that will prove dangerous for his parents. Bobby's parents know that their only option is to hide their son's unusual condition, but when truant officers and case workers start looking for Bobby it becomes clear that something needs to be done to make Bobby visible again.

"Things Hoped For," by Andrew Clements

This book is a sequel to "Things Not Seen." It focuses on a different type of disappearance, though.

Gwen's grandfather disappears shortly before her audition at one of New York City's most prestigious music schools. Gwen is very worried, because her grandfather left a note saying that he had gone away and that she was not to tell anyone. As the days pass Gwen decides that she must start searching for her grandfather.

"Lost and Found," by Andrew Clements

When twin brothers Ray and Jay move to a new school they discover that due to some clerical error only one of them has been registered to attend the school. The decide that they are sick of being twins and that only one brother will attend school at a time while the other stays at home.

For a while they are able to keep up the deception, but soon school life becomes a tangled web of deception for both twins.

"The Last Holiday Concert," by Andrew Clements

In this exciting book an easy going young boy named Hart Evans suddenly finds himself in charge of the school's upcoming holiday concert.

He got the position by goofing off in class and enraging the teacher, but Hart quickly finds that there is no place for goofing off when all the responsibility is on you.

Andrew Clement's fantastic books are sure to appeal to all young readers. Their interesting plots and vivid characters keep them interesting and involving.

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He is my favorite author i just started to read the last holiday concert i bet it would be good like the other ones i have read