“The Lacemaker and the Princess,” by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

“The Lacemaker and the Princess,” by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley is an innovative tale about the relationship between a poor girl who works as a lacemaker and the daughter of Marie Antoinette.
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Isabelle’s mother and grandmother are sure that their fortune will be made when they receive an order for lace from the Princess of Lamballe. Isabelle and her family work hard to make lace for rich people, but they are hardly paid enough to survive on. They hope that profitable contracts with the royal family can help them to make ends meet.

As chance has it Isabelle is almost crushed by a mob of courtiers. When Marie Antoinette notices and saves Isabelle from the crowd it is the start of a very unusual relationship between Isabelle and the royal family. Marie Antoinette introduces Isabelle to her daughter, the princess Therese. Marie feels that her daughter needs to have associates from the lower classes so that she learns to appreciate them.

Soon Therese and Isabelle have formed a friendship that will have many twists and turns. On the one hand Therese is proud and slightly haughty, used to getting her own way in everything. She even changes Isabelle’s name because she feels that it is too common. However, in talking with Therese, Isabelle learns that the princess has a heart and worries just like anyone else.

At the same time, Isabelle’s mother and grandmother are trying to pressure Isabelle to use her new standing to promote the family’s lace wares and drum up business in the court. They want the queen to start buying lace from them.

In the midst of all that is going on another force is also approaching the French court. People across the country are beginning to grumble about the extravagant tastes and wasteful attitude of the royal family. Many of the French people are starving while the nobles waste food and spend huge sums on luxuries. Many people are even beginning to speak of a revolution.

“The Lacemaker and the Princess” was actually inspired by a real life friendship between the French princess Therese and a commoner. Kimberly Brubaker Bradley has created an interesting historical piece that shows the history of the French Revolution from the royal family’s point of view. I feel that this unique story will appeal to young readers.

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Anonymous said...

It was a good book for little girls who love princesses as they can relate to how this would be. (being friends with a princess knowing a queen and a king and so on.)

Anonymous said...

this review makes me want to read the book!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this book

Anonymous said...

the book is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
people should read it

Elaine said...

i love this book
it is one of my favorites!!!

Anonymous said...

this book is amazing

Anonymous said...

this book is amazing
*samantha wenger*

Anonymous said...

this book is the bom(*-*)

Anonymous said...

I read the book, it was good. People should read it.

Anonymous said...

gret book

Anonymous said...

mabe use this as a book report

Anonymous said...

anyone would like this book.

Anonymous said...

this book was really amazing
not your classic fairytale story
it is based on the French revolution and the overthrowing of the monarchy
the characters are developed really well and they seem very real
i say that this book deserves 5 stars
any fan of the "dear america" or and historical fiction should read this