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If you are a long term follower of Inkweaver Review you probably remember the time when Inkweaver Review had a slide show of book cover art in the sidebar. This was a great feature that many visitors appreciated, but unfortunately it was powered by Wowzio, an external service that occasionally suffered from glitches and slowdowns caused by their service being overloaded. About six months ago Wowzio was forced to close their system to new users because they could not afford to expand their system to serve more blogs. Despite this fact Wowzio was still a little bit slow, and limited in some features that I wanted.

Eventually I removed the Wowzio slide show widget from the sidebar because I wanted a simpler, more clean look for Inkweaver Review. Recently, however, I decided that I wanted a slide show widget once more. This time I wanted to put it on a separate page specifically designed for it, rather than putting it in the blog sidebar so that it loaded on every page. I tried using the Wowzio widget once more, but I still wasn't satisfied with several aspects of it. First of all, I didn't really have control over which images it displayed and the links that the images directed to. In addition I didn't like the way the widget looked at its small size.

So a few days ago I decided to sit down and program my own slideshow widget for Inkweaver Review. You can access this new feature of Inkweaver Review at any time by clicking the "Book Covers" link in the green menu bar below the Inkweaver Review logo.

This dynamic slide show currently contains the book covers from the last five months of Inkweaver Review reviews. The images and links in this slide show are hand picked to ensure the quality of the selections provided. I will gradually expand the selection over the next weeks until it covers the entire history of Inkweaver Review.

So far I have tested the widget in Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome, but I haven't yet been able to test in Internet Explorer. If you are an Internet Explorer user then please visit the book cover art slide show with that browser and tell me if you experience any problems.

If you like the slide show widget and you are a book review blogger, or just a blogger in general who would like to implement this feature on your own blog, then feel free to contact me using the contact link above. I can send you the code and instructions that you will need to install your own slide show on your blog.

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