“Atherton - The Dark Planet,” by Patrick Carman

“Atherton - The Dark Planet,” by Patrick Carman, is the stunning conclusion to the Atherton series. Its thoroughly satisfying conclusion reveals the final secrets of Atherton and its enigmatic creator.

Atherton is world created by a scientist named Dr. Harding. Dr. Harding grew up on the Dark Planet, a world ruined by pollution and human greed. As he grew up he envisioned a new, clean world that would orbit the Dark Planet. And so Dr. Harding created the world, using advanced science to grow it from a microscopic seed in a test tube, into a great three tiered world with its own creatures and natural cycles. Dr. Harding named his world Atherton, and populated with people who he reconditioned so that they would forget the Dark Planet and think that they had lived on Atherton for all their life.

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Review of "Atherton - The Dark Planet" by Patrick Carman

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