“Red Glass,” by Laura Resau

“Red Glass,” by Laura Resau is a fascinating novel about a teenage girl who lives along the border between the United States and Mexico.
Book Cover Art for Red Glass by Laura Resau
Sophie's family often help strangers who stop by their home. Because they live along the border they often feed illegal aliens who sneak across the desert to gain entrance to the United States. They come in the dead of night, tired and thirsty. Sophie and her family again open their home when a group of Mexicans are found dead in the desert. There is only one survivor, a young boy named Pablo. For the first year of his stay with Sophie's family Pablo doesn't talk at all.

But gradually, Pablo responds to the love of his foster family and eventually he begins speaking again. Pablo tells them that he has relatives back in Mexico, grandparents who must be worrying about him. When Sophie's parents are able to contact Pablo's extended family it is the beginning of a journey that will take Sophie from her home into the heart of Mexico, through love, danger, and joy.

“Red Glass” is a well-written novel with plenty of interesting details about life in Mexico. Laura Resau writes with a well-informed voice. Her characters are strong and empathetic, willing to work for what is really important. The plot is interesting and the journey concept, though slightly worn, is presented in a refreshing manner.

I recommend “Red Glass” to readers who are interested in Mexican culture and life.

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Anonymous said...

Why is the book called Red Glass?

NathanKP said...

It has to do with special jewelry that plays a part later in the story.

Anonymous said...

it was an awesome book its toucjing and moving it really gripping

Anonymous said...

I LUV this book!!

Anonymous said...

There is no way to express how much i love this book!!! Laura Resau, you are soooo amazing!!!