“Marcelo in the Real World,” by Francisco X. Stork

Book Cover Art for Marcelo and the Real World by Francisco X. Stork“Marcelo in the Real World,” by Francisco X. Stork is a fascinating story about a boy who has an autism-like condition. The story focuses on his unique thinking processes and the effects that they have on his relationships in the real world.

Marcelo Sandoval has several major interests. First and foremost he loves music. Not only can Marcelo hear the individual notes of music in a manner much different from the way most people listen to music, but he can also hear music in his head even when none is playing. Second, Marcelo is deeply interested in God and religion, and he spends large amounts of time reading various religious texts and praying. Marcelo’s third interest is horses. He goes to Paterson, a special school for students with physical or mental challenges. Marcelo works in the stables, caring for the the horses and training them to work with deaf or disabled children.

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Review of "Marcelo and the Real World" by Francisco X. Stork

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