“Diamonds in the Shadow,” by Caroline B. Cooney

Book Cover Art for Diamonds in the Shadow by Caroline B. Cooney“Diamonds in the Shadow,” by Caroline B. Cooney is a young adult novel about an American family who takes in a group of African refugees with a dangerous secret past.

Jared Finch is not in the least bit thrilled about his parent's plan to sponsor four African refugees, a mother and father and two children. The way Jared sees it, if his parents and their church committee want to go to all that work they can do so, but he doesn't have to help. To make matters worse, the apartment that the committee had planned to house the refugees in fell through, so now the refugees will be living with Jared and his family until they can find other accommodations.

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Review of "Diamonds in the Shadow" by Caroline B. Cooney

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Anonymous said...

i honestly love this book it is so good

Anonymous said...

i think someone should say what happens in the book so far .

Anonymous said...

i am reading the book and so far i have no idea of whats going to happen and im losing the effect of readingg this book