“A Long Way from Chicago” by Richard Peck

“A Long Way from Chicago” by Richard Peck is a wonderful novel set in a Depression-Era small town.

Joey and his sister Mary Alice are a little hesitant about leaving big city Chicago to spend the summer with their Grandma. They soon find, however, that with Grandma around there is never a dull moment!

From the first hilarious chapter, “Shotgun Cheatham‘s Last Night Above Ground” to the touching ending, this book is injected with lively personalities, entertaining surprises, and humorous tricks. Richard Peck captures the small town feel and aura of the era in his vivid, larger-than-life style. It’s little wonder that this book was a recipient of the Newberry Honor Award.

I’m confident that you’ll find “A Long Way from Chicago” to be a wonderful read, and a worthy addition to any book collection.

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