“Airborn” by Kenneth Oppel

“Airborn” by Kenneth Oppel, is an exciting adventure novel set in an alternate reality world where most people travel in airships.

The main character, Matt Cruse is a cabin boy who works on the luxury airship Aurora. Matt loves to fly, for it is only in the air that he can escape the painful memories of his past. He has dreams of one day flying an airship of his own.

When Matt rescues a dying balloonist, the old man tells him about strange and beautiful flying creatures. At first he passes them off as mere ravings, but then he meets the old man’s granddaughter, who is convinced that her grandfather did in fact see something mysterious before he died.

“Airborn” has a distinct and realistic world, full of ingenious details, from the airships to the strange creatures that live in its skies. I would recommend this book both for its wonderful world and for its involving action. Oppel has produced a story that is definitely worthy of its American Library Association Award.

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