"Walk in the Light" by Leo Tolstoy

“Walk in the Light” is a free e-book that I originally obtained from bruderhof.com. It is an excellent collection of short stories by Leo Tolstoy.

Leo Tolstoy’s tales are almost all at least partially spiritual in nature, discussing the benefits of living a Christian life and the effects of not doing so. They emphasize such themes as sharing with others, avoiding contention and strife within the home and community, and striving to live a virtuous life. This particular collection of Tolstoy’s short stories includes wonderful pieces such as:

  • “What Men Live By” - A tale about what men need above all else.
  • “A Spark Neglected Burns the House” - The story of two feuding neighbors.
  • “Little Girls Wiser than Men” - Two little girls teach an important lesson to a whole community.
  • “How Much Land Does a Man Need?” - A tale about greed.
  • “The Coffeehouse of Surat” - A coffeehouse argument about the nature of God.

“Walk in the Light” is a fine collection of stories by Leo Tolstoy. I would recommending reading this e-book to get a taste of his style and his enjoyable messages.

If you would like to read this collection of short stories, you can download the free e-book at: www.ploughbooks.co.uk

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Anonymous said...

i hated this book

Jacobscout said...

I am loving this book. Was reading "Walk in the Light While There is Light" this morning and laughed out loud at the clarity and purity with which Tolstoy recounts the superior pleasures of a life in Jesus Christ.