“Waterbound” by Jane Stemp

“Waterbound” by Jane Stemp is a thought-inspiring science fiction novel set in a futuristic community.

The main character is sixteen-year-old Gem Ranneson. She lives in the City, a place where rules are not broken, because the government is always watching. Everything in the City is perfect; no resource is wasted and all the people are healthy. But then Gem discovers a shocking secret about the society that she lives in.

Underneath the City live the Waterbound, the children that the City did not want. As Gem learns to appreciate these deformed and disabled people, she becomes critically involved in a final attempt to liberate them from society’s imprisonment.

“Waterbound” is both moving and meaningful. Stemp’s realistic novel teaches an important message about disability rights. I would recommend this book as an entertaining and worthwhile read.

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Jane Stemp said...

This is probably the world's most belated reply: but, I'm so glad you liked my book!