“A Part of the Sky,” by Robert Newton Peck

“A Part of the Sky,” by Robert Newton Peck is a sequel to the best-selling “A Day No Pigs Would Die.”

Book Cover of A Part of the Sky by Robert Newton PeckBefore Rob Peck’s father dies, he leaves his son with an important job:

“Come spring, you aren‘t the boy of the place. You‘re the man. Because there‘ll be nobody else, boy. Just you.”

Now Rob must struggle to deal with the many forces in his life. The family farm is not yet paid off, and mortgage payments must by made to the town bank, but drought, dying livestock, and the Great Depression make money scarce.

Rob’s determined spirit helps him to deal with loss of his father and the work that he must now take on as he is propelled into manhood.

I enjoyed reading “A Part of the Sky.” This sequel doesn’t have the sad ending as its predecessor, but the plot is realistic. It wonderfully portrays the experiences of thousands of farm families who were affected by the Great Depression. “A Part of the Sky,” is a must read sequel.

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