“The Railway Detective,” by Edward Marston

“The Railway Detective,” by Edward Marston is mystery story set in 19th century London.

When the London to Birmingham mail train is robbed it means theBook Cover of The Railway Detective by Edward Marston loss of a large shipment of mail and gold destined for the national mint, but its just the start of a rash of strange crimes that are being committed against the railroad. A derailed train, a tunnel bombing, and a threat at the Great Exhibition all seem to have been aimed at ruining the railroad’s reputation as a safe and effective method of transportation. Detective Inspector Robert Colbeck must try to find the perpetrators of these crimes before they cause even more damage to the railroad, but to do that he must stay one step ahead of them.

In this action-packed novel Marston does an admirable job of recreating the London of the 1850’s. The mystery is people by lively and memorable characters, and the plots twists and turns will keep you surprised to the very end. “The Railway Detective” is a well-written mystery novel.

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Anonymous said...

Its an okay book

Anonymous said...

I think I must be the only person that finds his novels and writing unbelievably amateurish ..full of dire and cringe making dialog especially in the romantic scenes...