“Red Planet,” by Robert A. Heinlein

“Red Planet,” by Robert A. Heinlein is a wonderful science fiction novel about a boy on Mars.
Book Cover of Red Planet by Robert A. Heinlein
Jim Marlowe is a young colonist who has a unique pet, a round furry creature that is a native Mars inhabitant. “Willis” is not only a cute pet, but he can also function as an accurate recorder of all that happens around him.

One day Willis records a conversation that was not meant to be heard. A treacherous plot is being planned that might threaten the lives of all the colonists on Mars. Soon Jim and Willis are on the run, being chased by authorities that want to stop Jim and Willis from telling others.

The main aspect of “Red Planet” that I liked was the vivid descriptions of Mars. Heinlein’s attention to detail is remarkable, giving his story a rich depth that makes it notable. The story’s plot is not very unique, but the landscape, characters, and details that Heinlein uses breathe new life into a storyline that would otherwise be cliché.

I would recommend “Red Planet” to all science fiction and Heinlein fans.

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Book Calendar said...

I have always loved reading Robert Heinlein because he always seems to be true to himself. Sometimes his philosophy can be a little bit extreme, but he teaches honesty, uprightness, and individualism which are missing from many of todays teenage books.

NathanKP said...

That's why I like Heinlein as well. Thanks for commenting.


Anonymous said...

i love this book and I think it's one of the best book i've evr read