“The Seer,” by David Stahler Jr.

“The Seer,” by David Stahler Jr. continues the marvelous science fiction fantasy that started with “Truesight.”

Jacob Manford grew up in Harmony, a colony of people who have madeSmall cover image of The Seer by David Stahler Jr. blindness a way of life. But when he gains the power of sight he chooses to leave the colony rather than give up his new sense. Jacob has two goals: Keep his sight, and find Delaney, a blind girl who left Harmony because she wanted sight.

The community of Harmony was a shallow deception, with blind people ignoring the problems and bad things around them. But there is another colony on Jacob’s world: Melville, the futuristic city of the sighted people. Jacob soon learns that sight can be just as misleading as the blindness.

I would recommend “The Seer,” to science fiction fans who want an enjoyable book to read. The plot is interesting, the world unique, and the characters memorable. If you’ve read “Truesight,” then you’ll want to continue the experience with this marvelous sequel.

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