“The Tent,” by Gary Paulson

“The Tent,” by Gary Paulson is a very unusual story that focuses on misuse of religion.

When Steve and his father take to the road with an old army tentBook Cover of The Tent by Gary Paulson and a Bible stolen from a hotel room that have intentions that are anything but holy. Steve’s father decides the road to fame and fortune lies with preaching the Word of the Lord.

Soon they are holding revival meetings all over the region, and with the help of two drifters who specialize in faking “healings” they are collecting large “offerings” each night. Steve and his father get carried away by the riches and the things that they can do with their riches. But then Steve and his father start to come to an important realization.

“The Tent,” is a well-written story that skillfully emphasizes the Bible’s important question, “What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his soul?” I would recommend reading this book both for its meaningful message and for Paulson’s wonderful writing style.

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