Book Wizard: Science Fiction Books 5-8


This exciting genre of books focuses on speculations on science or technology. They may be set far in the future or perhaps in some advanced alternate reality. The plot may revolve around the use of high-tech tools or techniques to solve the problem. Or the book may be scientific speculation on the results of some event.

“The Other Side of the Island,” by Allegra Goodman

In this exciting science fiction fantasy the world environment has been ruined. The ocean has risen, wiping out whole continents and leaving small islands for people to live on.

Young Honor and her family live on island 365, a place where The Corporation controls everything, and those who don't submit are turned into human robot slaves.

“Found,” by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Thirteen years ago an unscheduled plane pulled up at the jetway of Sky Trails Air. Airport workers discovered that the plane was full of crying infants, and yet there were no pilots or crew on board. Once the babies were removed the plane disappeared without a trace. Now, thirteen years later, these children are teenagers, living with adoptive parents. Little do the teens know, but they will soon have to face their strange past again.

“Code Orange,” by Caroline B. Cooney

It starts as a simple science project. Mitty has to write a research paper about an infectious disease. His chosen topic is smallpox.

But in one of his old research books Mitty finds an envelope full of smallpox scabs. He opens it, not realizing that he may be exposing himself to a deadly disease that killed hundreds of thousands of people in the past. Suddenly Mitty finds his science project to be considerably more exciting than he had originally thought.

“A Swiftly Tilting Planet” by Madeline L’Engle

In this unusual science fiction fantasy story young genius Charles Murray travels back in time to prevent a nuclear disaster from destroying the Earth.

In the process he explores the deeply rooted struggle between good and evil. He must travel thousands of years back in time to correct numerous hatreds and evils with the power of love. And if he doesn't do it correctly, then there may be no future to return to.

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