“The Tale of the Swamp Rat,” by Carter Crocker

“The Tale of the Swamp Rat,” by Carter Crocker is a novel about a young rat born during a drought that threatens life in his swamp.

Book Cover Art for The Tale of the Swamp Rat by Carter CrockerWhen Ossie was born his parents and siblings immediately noticed that he was a little different. Not only was Ossie, “not much for talking,” but he also seemed to daydream a lot. But when Ossie's family is eaten by the feared rattlesnake Mr. Took, Ossie is the only one to escape. Alone and afraid, Ossie quickly discovers that in the real world life is dangerous for a young rat.

But then Ossie meets Uncle Will, an age old alligator that seems to have been around as long as the swamp itself. Uncle Will starts watching over Ossie, and soon this unlikely pair are exploring the swamp, with Ossie riding on the old alligator's back.

But troubling times are ahead in the swamp, because a drought has arrived, and the waters of the swamp are slowly drying up. With less and less water to go around the swamp creatures are getting more and more cantankerous. When a shifty stork named Prophet Bubba claims that he can explain why the swamp is drying up, the swamp animals are eager to listen. But Uncle Will and Ossie know that this self proclaimed prophet has his own agenda. First he says that all birds must stop flying because their beating winds are blowing away the clouds. Then Prophet Bubba claims that the swamp is drying up because the mud turtles are digging their burrows too deep and letting the water out. Needless to say, none of Prophet Bubba's solutions work, but the gullible creatures of the swamp all believe him. But then Prophet Bubba says the drought is Ossie's fault.

Carter Crocker has done a great job in writing “The Tale of the Swamp Rat.” The storyline is carefully developed, flowing as smoothly as swamp water itself. The story is told in a unique voice that captures the very essence of the swamp. The animal characters in “The Tale of the Swamp Rat” are beautifully rendered. From the small lovable creatures like Ossie and his young friends, to the evil animals like Mr. Took and Prophet Bubba, Carter Crocker breathes life into his creations with great care. I feel that all young people will enjoy reading “The Tale of the Swamp Rat.”

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Beautiful story