“Knights & Castles,” by Philip Dixon

“Knights & Castles,” by Philip Dixon is part of “Insiders”, a fabulous educational series for young readers. The Insiders series uses vivid three dimensional computer graphics to depict scenes and historical events. These 3D renderings add amazing life to the informative text.

“Knights & Castles” begins by introducing the concepts of knights and castles. First it shows how knights fit into the medieval social caste system. A complex image shows the interactions and relationships between such medieval figures as the pope, king, bishops, barons, knights, and peasants.

The next major highlight of the book is an amazing two page spread showing the start of a medieval battle. The accompanying notes explain common battle strategies used to defeat the enemy. One thing that I appreciated about Insider's “Knights and Castles” is that it depicts battle and fighting without getting gory or excessively violent.

Page 16 of “Knights & Castles” shows a castle from above and explains what different buildings in medieval castles were used for. One fact that I really appreciated on this page had to do with the way spiral staircases in medieval castles were built to make it easy for a right handed defender to defeat enemies coming up the steps.

For readers who have ever wondered how medieval castles were built, pages 20 and 21 show and amazing construction scene. From initial stone preparation by the masons to the construction of the walls, “Knights & Castles” explains how castles were built.

After these broad scale views of castle life the book starts focusing on life inside the castle. It shows how medieval banquets appeared, and explains the process of becoming a k night. One of my favorite parts of the book shows a medieval field during each of the four seasons. Peasants did different types of work during each time of the year.

The last portions of “Knights & Castles” show different famous castles such as The Tower of London, Krak des Chevaliers, Castel del Monte, Caerphilly, and Mont-Saint-Michel.

I highly recommend Insiders' “Knights & Castles” to all young readers. The accurate details and fascinating images are instructive and fun to read at the same time.

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DanielCure said...

Looks like the kind of book I would have read!

NathanKP said...

"Knights and Castles" is highly detailed and I think that you would enjoy it as an author of medieval themed books.

(Yes, I checked out your Blogger profile.)

But back to the subject at hand, the books is very educational and at the same time enjoyable to read. The graphics are slick and professional, just an all-around great book.

Thanks for commenting,


Anonymous said...

it was a good book and over all very interesting to me

shaikh said...

i agree with anonymous it was relay good and very detailed plus alot of good pics

you could learn alot from this

Anonymous said...

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