“Our White House, Looking In, Looking Out”

“Our White House, Looking In, Looking Out” is a fascinating collection of stories, historical passages, and art about the United States White House. This collection was created by over 108 renowned authors and illustrators under the guidance of the National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance.
Book Cover Art for Our White House, Looking In, Looking Out
One of the first things that interested me about “Our White House, Looking In, Looking Out” was the impressive line up of contributing authors and artists, among them Natalie Babbitt, Jean Craighead George, Susan Cooper, Kate DiCamillo, Linda Sue Park, Richard Peck, Brian Selznick, and Jerry Spinelli to name just a few.

With so many different contributers the collection is able to incorporate a vast range of genres, messages, and opinions. Some of the opinions are even in opposition, but this just shows the different aspects of presidents and the different ways that history can be interpreted.

I really liked the way “Our White House, Looking In, Looking Out” takes readers through the entire history of the White House, from its construction during the early 1800's to the modern day presidents who have lived in it recently. Along the way the writers are not afraid to touch on sensitive issues such as the fact that the White House was partly built by slave labor, and the fact that some of the legends about it are outright lies.

But plain historical facts are not interesting without people. “Our White House, Looking In, Looking Out” gives the reader a taste of the joy and grief, the births, the weddings, and the deaths that have occurred at the White House. Its is really fascinating to think about all the events that have surrounded this single building, The White House.

I would definitely recommend “Our White House, Looking In, Looking Out” as a great historical introduction for young readers. It is sure to give its readers a taste for more of the fascinating history that is available concerning the United States White House.

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book reports said...

These book is our gate pass to what's the ins and outs of the White House from the past presidents and alike

NathanKP said...

Thanks for leaving your comment.

I agree that “Our White House, Looking In, Looking Out” is a great book that shows "the inns and outs of the White House" very well.

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This impressive collection of stories, anecdotes, essays, and illustrations has been assembled by the National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance to offer a wide range of insight into how this historic house has shaped and changed so many lives. They've also put together a comprehensive website at www.ourwhitehouse.org which expands on the information and stories featured in the book. You can even download a Barack Obama sticker to add to the line of presidents found in the book's timetable.

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