“Skybreaker,” by Kenneth Oppel

“Skybreaker,” by Kenneth Oppel is a richly descriptive fantasy that explores and builds on the marvelous world that Oppel originally created in “Airborn.”

Matt Cruse is flying on an airship when they sight the legendaryBook Cover Art of Skybreaker by Kenneth Oppel airship Hyperion. The Hyperion vanished four decades ago under mysterious circumstances, and it was believed to hold the untold riches of its owner. What follows is a climatic and thrilling adventure as Matt Cruse, accompanied by Kate de Vries, a mysterious gypsy girl, try to recover the ship and its treasures.

But many obstacles lie in their way. The Hyperion is floating at an extremely high altitude, and in these uncharted regions of the sky undiscovered and deadly life-forms threaten them. But the strange high-altitude creatures aren’t all that they face. Someone has been pursuing the Hyperion ever since it disappeared, and Matt Cruse is leading him right to it. Once again Kenneth Oppel has created an extremely detailed fantasy that has enough subtle features to make it stand along.

From the airships, to the strange creatures, complicated mechanical devices, and complicated personalities and relationships that “Skybreaker” contains, Oppel has created a wonderful book full of well-paced action and adventure. I would recommend “Skybreaker” to any reader. The 544 page paperback will provide you with hours of thrilling entertainment.

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