“The Landry News” by Andrew Clements

“The Landry News,” by Andrew Clements, is a meaningful novel about the effects of a young girl's newspaper project, first on her class, and finally on her entire school.

In every school that Cara Landry goes to she starts her newspaper: The Landry News. Reporting is something that she loves to do. Unfortunately, Cara always seems to get in trouble because of her newspapers, which are known for scathing editorials written by Cara herself. Sometimes she jumps to wrong conclusions and reports incorrectly. Other times she gets ahead of herself and makes false accusations. At any rate, The Landry News always seems to end with Cara in the principal's office trying to explain herself.

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Review of "The Landry News" by Andrew Clements

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heather (errantdreams) said...

Sounds like a fantastic premise, particularly given a lot of the student/ teacher/ free speech issues cropping up these days all over the place.

NathanKP said...

Thanks for the commend Heather. I'll be posting reviews of more books by Andren Clements over the next couple weeks, so stay tuned readers!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the review, it really gave me a good understanding of how the book is going to be. I will read it since I chose it for my book report. Hopefully it will be good enough for my book report!

Anonymous said...

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