“The Black Book of Secrets,” by F. E. Higgins

“The Black Book of Secrets,” by F. E. Higgins is a truly unique tale about a young boy who works for a “secret pawnbroker.” It has a wonderful mystery theme that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Cover art of The Black Book of Secrets by F.E. HigginsWhen Ludlow Fitch left the city he was on the run. Pursued by his alcoholic father and mother he hitched a ride on the back of a carriage and ended up in the small village Pagus Parvus. There in the small village Ludlow meets a mysterious man who also just arrived in Pagus Parvus. His name is Joe Zabbidou, and he tells Ludlow that he is a secret pawnbroker. Ludlow is intrigued by the strange man and soon he is staying with him, working as a helper in his pawnshop.

By day Joe Zabbidou and Ludlow run a seemingly ordinary pawnshop, though they buy broken and useless things for large amounts of money. By night, though, they runs a different kind of business. The tormented and confused citizens of Pagus Parvus come to Joe Zabbidou's shop to pawn the truth about their darkest sins and unburden their hearts of secrets that have tormented them for years. Joe Zabbidou buys these hidden secrets for money and Ludlow's job is to inscribe them into a black book entitled: Verba Volant Scripta Manent. In this black book of secrets are concealed the sins and lies of scores of people.

Little does Ludlow Fitch know but he and Joe Zabbidou will completely change life for the citizens of Pagus Parvus, and in the process Ludlow's ideas of right and wrong will be changed completely.

I found “The Black Book of Secrets” to be one of the most interesting books I've read in a while. The plot was very unique, and the characters were varied and full of depth. F. E. Higgin's story has a mysterious tone throughout and her wonderful writing style draws the reader along until the books final climax. In “The Black Book of Secrets” every character has a secret to hide, and only the black book of secrets can uncover the real truth. I highly recommend this fascinating story to all readers.

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Breeni Books said...

I love the gothic cover. That will catch my attention any time!

NathanKP said...

I agree. The cover on "The Black Book of Secrets" is just stunning, and it becomes even more meaningful in light of the book's storyline.

It's really a great book that I enjoyed reading.


Anonymous said...

I loved the book + cool cover