“Through Time – Pompeii,” by Richard Platt and Manuela Cappon

“Through Time – Pompeii,” by Richard Platt and Manuela Cappon is the story of the Roman city of Pompeii through more than two thousand years of history.

This large, colorful book will appeal to junior readers while at the same time enriching their understanding of history and culture. “Through Time – Pompeii” uses aerial and panoramic views to show the city of Pompeii at different times in history. From Pompeii's beginning as a small village, through its growth under Roman control, to its destruction by the volcano Vesuvius "Through Time - Pompeii" uses detailed pictures show the people of Pompeii working, eating, and recreating. Through both the images and the explanatory text “Through Time – Pompeii” shows what life would have been like in this ancient city. Richard Platt and Manuela Cappon even show how Pompeii was rediscovered, excavated, and partially restored for tourists today.

Another focus of the book is highlighted in the subtitle: “One Roman City, One House...More than 200 Years of Change.” Not only does “Through Time – Pompeii” show the entire city of Pompeii, but it also shows one house in particular as it is passed from owner to owner. The detailed background behind this real historical house helps show how rich Roman citizens may have lived.

“Through Time – Pompeii” is an excellent nonfiction book for junior readers because it teaches about Roman history in an entertaining and involving way.

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