“Corby Flood,” by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

“Corby Flood,” by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell is the third book in the Far-Flung Adventures series.

Cover Art of Corby Flood by Paul Stewart and Chris RiddellOnce the S.S. Euphonia was the Empress of the Seas, complete with every modern convenience and innovation. But now the faded ship has lost its luster and many of the mechanical marvels no longer work the way they once did. Little do Corby Flood and her family know, but their voyage on the old S.S. Euphonia is going to become much more than they had originally planned.

The passengers aboard the S.S. Euphonia are an eclectic mix of strange characters. A sinister brotherhood of clowns in green bowler hats, a quiet man who always wears sunglasses, and an amorous first mate who seems determined to court Corby's older sister, all of them have something to hide. Before long Corby's adventures include a high speed pursuit on mechanical deck chairs and tracking down the mysterious sad singing that she can sometimes hear aboard the ship.

“Corby Flood” is a great adventure that I thoroughly enjoyed. The plot is action packed, with plenty of humorous scenes and intriguing characters. Paul Stewart's writing style is simply wonderful, and Chris Riddell's pictures add subtle charm and detailed visuals to the story. I would definitely recommend “Corby Flood” to any young reader.

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Anonymous said...

Hello - I am doing some research on the "far flung adventures" series for my son. He just read "Fergus Crain" and tells me that it ends on a note of suspense. Apparently the penguins are in danger! So he wanted me to check out if there is a sequel to Fergus adventure. When I told him that the two other books in the series are about completely different characters, he did not believe me. He is sure that there must be a second story with Fergus in it. As you have apparently read the whole series, could you help me out on this and tell me if Fergus is in the other two books and if the penguin riddle is resolved? Thank you!

NathanKP said...

I am afraid that as of now there is no sequel with Fergus Crane. I am of the opinion that the ending is designed to give the reader a chance to imagine future developments.

After reading the other two books I think that there may perhaps be a future book planned that brings all three characters together to solve some sort of mystery.

But I don't know for sure.


Anonymous said...

Thank's a lot for this very helpful insight and opinion.

NathanKP said...

Glad to be of help.