“No Exit,” by J.B. Stephens

“No Exit,” by J.B. Stephens is the four book in the thrilling science fiction series “The Big Empty.”
Book cover art of No Exit by J.B. Stephens
The six teens managed to escape Novo Mundum after they discovered that a crazed scientist was using Novo Mundum as a base for his research in developing a deadly plague virus. Strain 7 already killed half of the world population, but Strain 8 is even more deadly.

When the six teens make it back to civilization, though, their problems aren't over yet. A small trading community at the edge of The Big Empty is completely wiped out by a mysterious disease. It appears that the Novo Mundum leader used it as a test area for Strain 8. With new information about the source of Strain 7 surfacing the teens make the ultimate sacrifice by returning to Novo Mundum. Will they be able to stop Strain 8 before it starts or will they be too late?

“No Exit,” by J.B. Stephens is simply amazing in its plot. The character relationships and subtly details make it deeply involving. In addition, “No Exit” has a shocking ending that is a cliff-hanger introduction to the next installment of “The Big Empty.” I really enjoyed this science fiction masterpiece, and would recommend the entire series to all science fiction fans.

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