“Desolation Angels,” by J.B. Stephens

“Desolation Angels,” by J.B. Stephens is the third installment of the science fiction series “The Big Empty.”

Book cover art for Desolation Angels by J.B. StephensWhen the six teens finally found Novo Mundum they though they had finally found Utopia. But soon their dreams of peace and security are shattered when they discover a shocking secret that threatens not only their lives but those of everyone alive: The leader of Novo Mundum has developed a deadly plague that could very well become a Strain 8.

To save the innocent members of Novo Mundum and the survivors who live outside of The Big Empty the six teens must flee Novo Mundum and find there way back to civilization. Pursued by soldiers from Novo Mundum they must survive the deadly winter weather and try to avoid The Slash, a renegade gang of guerrilla soldiers that are pillaging The Big Empty. Not only do they have to survive themselves but they must find some way to save the world from Strain 8.

J.B. Stephens has done wonders in “Desolation Angels.” Not only does this book continues the thrilling action and complicated relationship issues that characterize “The Big Empty” series, but it develops the suspense in a series of even more amazing cliff-hangers. The entire series is a must-read for any science fiction fan.

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