“A Corner of the Universe,” by Ann M. Martin

“A Corner of the Universe,” by Ann M. Martin is a moving novel about a complicated friendship that completely changes a young girl's life.
Cover Art of A Corner of the Universe by Ann M. Martin
Hattie Owen has lived in a small town all her life. She is shy, and desires to stay at home, in her family's boarding house, where the eccentric tenants offer all the excitement she needs. But at the same time, she wants to escape the stern, repressive influence of her wealthy grandparents.

But Hattie's life changes when a relative arrives, a relative that she has never been told about. Adam is her uncle, but his existence has been hidden because of his mental disabilities. When the institution that Adam has been living at closes, Hattie's family must accept Adam back into their family. As Hattie cares for Adam it helps her to develop her own personality and make new friends.

“A Corner of the Universe” has an average plot, slightly historical, but not very unique. Except for Adam, the characters are all rather predictable. Adam is the strong point of this book, teaching lessons about how people should treat the mentally disabled. “A Corner of the Universe” is an interesting novel with a touching and thought provoking ending.

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Lethe said...

Do you ever run out of books to review, Nathan?

NathanKP said...

Not generally.

Anonymous said...

i loveeeee the cover of this book but i dont think i'm gonna read it for school because the way u reviewed it, it sounds a bit boring for my taste... great reviews by the way :)

NathanKP said...

Thanks for commenting Anonymous. I'm glad that you enjoy the reviews.

Anonymous said...

anonymous....i didn't think this book would be good at all,but it surprised me it was great.

Anonymous said...

Hello Nathan, could you please tell me the lesson and the theme of this book?

bach said...

this book gets boring at first like 50 page but it it got me addicted afterward hope u guys enjoy it =]]

Anonymous said...

is this book nonfiction

Anonymous said...

well i read half way through the book but i got bored and a lil' lost.

Anonymous said...

i cant figure out the plot could you help me out

ps diffrent one and i loved this book

BookLoverLovesBooksOHRLY?! said...

This book is great. I just finished it today. I cried at the end. This is the first book I actually cried about!I seriously love everything about this book. The message, the plot, everything :)