“The Facttracker,” by Jason Carter Eaton

“The Facttracker,” by Jason Carter Eaton is a story about the power of lies and the importance of telling the truth.
Cover art of The Facttracker by Jason Carter Eaton
The city of Traäkerfaxx is renowned as the world center for facts, for in this city lives the Facttracker, an enigmatic man whose job is to keep track of ever fact in the world and distribute relevant facts to people who are looking for them.

But in the city of Traäkerfaxx lives another person, a “just small enough” boy who is shunned by others because unlike the people around him there are no facts about him.

And on the horizon, approaching the city of Traäkerfaxx is another man, Ersatz, who loves lies, rumors, tales, exaggerations and slander.

“The Facttracker,” by Jason Carter Eaton has a plot that seems to get more and more exaggerated, like a lie that starts out small and then gets larger. The characters are hugely exaggerated and almost ridiculous. However, “The Facttracker” is still bound to appeal to young readers because of its unusual theme and the authors unique technique of reader interaction, often addressing the read personally, even in the middle of a chapter.

“The Facttracker,” is not exactly a profound piece of literature, but its sure to satisfy young readers.

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Gary ("Old Dude") said...

having read your reviews of the last two books of the "lionboy" trilogy, I have this urge to run to my library and get all three, (as I am one of those people who like to read from the beginning so have to read things in order). Thanks for putting me on to this series.

NathanKP said...

Cool! Yeah, it doesn't make any sense to start a series anywhere except at the beginning. Thanks for commenting, Gary.

Author and Book Event Center said...

Cool new site where authors mingle with readers, a must see at http://bookeventcenter.ning.com

NathanKP said...

Thanks for telling me,

I may post about the website in the near future.


carol at A Second Cup said...

I like reading kids books myself. This sounds like a series I would enjoy.