“The Diamond of Darkhold,” by Jeanne DuPrau

“The Diamond of Darkhold,” by Jeanne DuPrau is the fourth installment in the marvelous “Books of Ember” series.

When Doon and Lina led the people of Ember out of their dying underground city and into the world above ground everything was new and strange. Now a few months have passed, and the people of Ember are living in a small post apocalyptic community called Sparks. Life aboveground is hard, especially in the winter. Harsh weather and limited food and medical supplies make some Emberites, Lina included, think back to their comfortable life in Ember. Valuable supplies were left behind in Ember during the final rush to leave the city before the generator finally gave out. If these supplies could be retrieved it would make life in Sparks a little easier.

Then Doon and Lina find an old book written by the Builders of Ember. The unusual book is almost completely destroyed, but it hints at an advanced device that the Builders left behind for the Emberites. This device was designed to help make life above ground easier for them. Together, Lina and Doon decide to return to the abandoned city of Ember to find this gift from the Builders. But the abandoned Ember is a different city now, and not at all what they expect...

“The Diamond of Darkhold” is another great book from best selling author Jeanne DuPrau. The plot is immaculate, with plenty of great details and fresh new looks at areas of Ember that readers didn't get to see before. With each new Book of Ember DuPrau shares just a little more information about the grand plot and intricate workings behind the history of Ember. She even manages to leave room for a possible sequel. I highly recommend “The Diamond of Darkhold” to everyone who has read the first three Books of Ember.

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