“The Secret Rites of Social Butterflies,” by Lizabeth Zindel

“The Secret Rites of Social Butterflies,” by Lizabeth Zindel is the story of a teenage girl who becomes part of a secret clique at her ritzy private school.

When Maggie and her Mom move to New York City, Maggie is both slightly thrilled and slightly afraid. On the one hand she has a chance to start over completely at Berkeley Prep, a fancy private school just for girls. But the only problem is that she is entering the school as a senior, and all her new classmates have already formed their cliques and friendships. It seems as if Maggie won't have a chance to find any friends at all.

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Review of "The Secret Rites of Social Butterflies" by Lizabeth Zindel

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Anonymous said...

i would totally read this book

NathanKP said...

"The Secret Rites of Social Butterflies" is definitely a fascinating book, with a complex social plot.

I would definitely recommend that you read it.


Anonymous said...

I read it in a day because I just couldn't out it down! Great book!

Anonymous said...

I loved this book. The plot was amazing and the secrets themselves were very creating and entertaining.

Anonymous said...

The best book ever!

Anonymous said...

I got this for 50 cents at a thrift shop had it for 2 days and haven't put it down yet!! LOVE THE BOOK!