“Nim at Sea,” by Wendy Orr

“Nim at Sea,” by Wendy Orr is a sequel to the popular book “Nim's Island,” now made into a motion picture.

Nim is a young girl who lives on a tropical island with her father and an adventure writer named Alex. Nim's life is both peaceful away from city life, and exciting as she plays with her animal friends, a sea lion named Selkie, and a marine iguana named Fred.

Then one day Alex leaves the island and Selkie is kidnapped by a poacher and taken away on a Troppo Tourist cruise ship. Nim sets out on a journey to rescue her sea lion friend and bring Alex back to the island. Little does she know but her journey will take her across the wide sea, all the way to New York City, where she will experience big city life for the first time.

Wendy Orr's “Nim at Sea” is a cute book for younger readers. The main character Nim is well designed to appeal to young readers, and her antics are sure to delight them. The plot is a little bit frustrating, seeming to drag on and on compared with the lightening fast conclusion. Nevertheless I recommend “Nim at Sea” as a good book for young readers.

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this book is super, super,super,super boring!!!!!!