"The Lionboy Series" by Zizou Corder

"The Lionboy Series" is a phenomenal science fiction trilogy set in a future world where pollution and asthma have become major issues.

Book One - "Lionboy"

In the first book of the series, readers are introduced to young Charlie Ashanti, a young boy whose parents are famous scientists working on a cure for asthma. There is only one program, the big medical companies that make asthma medicine don't want a permanent cure to exist.

When Charlie's parents disappear under mysterious circumstances Charlie decides to rescue them.

Book Two - "Lionboy - The Chase"

Charlie Ashanti is now well into his world spanning journey. He must follow the tracks of his parent's kidnappers. Now though he has the help of a small pride of lions that he rescued from a circus.

There is only one problem. Another kidnapper is now on Charlie's trail!

Book Three - "Lionboy - The Truth"

Charlie is finally reunited with his parents, but only briefly. This time it is Charlie who is kidnapped, and his parents must save him. But Charlie has been taken to the Corporation headquarters, a dangerous place where even the air is laced with mind altering drugs!

This thrilling ending to the Lionboy trilogy is as satisfactory as it is innovative.

Every young reader will enjoy reading the "Lionboy" trilogy.

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Anonymous said...

The first Lion Boy book so far is amazing from what ive read so far i havent got to the other books just yet

Anonymous said...

I really like this series as it does not follow the bog standard fiction plot of an orphan and a new world. It is amazing. I loved it.