“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,” by Bob Spitz

“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,” by Bob Spitz is the story of “the Beatles, Beatlemania, and the music that changed the world.”

Bob Spitz's well written book discusses the Beatles rise to fame in great detail, starting with each members personal history. In addition to showing the early influences that introduced John, Paul, George, and Ringo to music Spitz gives the reader an excellent picture of the forces that brought them together as the Beatles. I enjoyed the detailed accounts that Spitz brought up, though the first half of the book seemed perhaps a little bit too drawn out.

“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” starts to pick up the pace after the first fourth, as Spitz begins describing the Beatles rather sudden launch to fame. Much of the middle third of the book is devoted to describing Beatlemania in all its stunning forms: screaming, hysterical fans barely held back by the police, and concert goers who yelled so loud throughout the performance that none of the music could be heard. All too soon, however, Spitz moves on to the beginning of the end of the Beatles, as each separate member began to go their own way, until the eventual and inevitable breakup.

I think that Bob Spitz did an admirable job in writing “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.” The book discusses the Beatles is detail without spending too much time focusing on their drug use and other undesirable aspects of their life as stars. I did notice in the story that Bob Spitz does take a rather negative viewpoint of Yoko Ono, depicting her from the understandable viewpoint of any fan who views her as a critical factor in the breakup of the Beatles.

Overall, though, I would say that “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” is an excellent educational book that imparts the thrill of Beatlemania in a fairly balanced way.

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Book Calendar said...

I really enjoy the Beatles. One of the nice things about Youtube is that you can see pretty much all of the original beatles music videos for free. It is a nice way to sit and relax during the evening. I like listening to the videos from Rubber Soul mostly.

NathanKP said...

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" does a good job of introducing the Beatles to new fans. :)

Simon and Oliver said...

This book is so good i love it it is the best