“Lionboy – The Truth” by Zizou Corder

“Lionboy – The Truth” by Zizou Corder is the final book in the New York Times best selling trilogy “Lionboy.”

Cover of Lionboy – The Truth by Zizou CorderWhen Charlie and his parents were finally reunited, Charlie though that his problems were over. He had helped his lion friends return to Africa, stood up to Rafi, turned the evil lion trainer Maccomo over to the lion's custody. Little does Charlie, know, but his family reunion will be over almost before it begins. Charlie may have been able to avoid some the Corporacy's minions, but more are on the way.

Soon Charlie is kidnapped and taken, along with a group of other talented children, to the Corporacy's headquarters. Charlie's mother and father are trying to save their son, but Charlie wants more than to be saved, he wants to permanently topple the Corporacy's evil rule.

“Lionboy – The Truth” is a great ending to the Lionboy trilogy. The writing style is just as flawless as ever, and the world spanning plot will keep readers interested. The only downside is that this is where the story must end. However, the book hints that their will be more books set in the Lionboy world.

Note: The author Zizou Corder is not a real person. Rather it is a stage name used by Louisa Young and Isabel Adomakoah Young.

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