“Lionboy – The Chase,” by Zizou Corder

“Lionboy – The Chase,” by Zizou Corder is the second book in the lionboy science fiction trilogy.
Cover of Lionboy – The Chase by Zizou Corder
In book one of the Lionboy series Charlie Ashanti helped a group of circus lions to escape and now they are on the Orient Express heading for Venice in search of Charlie's parents. Little do they know, but more danger and intrigue awaits them in Venice. It seems that there only friend in Venice has ulterior motives in helping Charlie. With the lion's evil owner trying to regain the lions and Charlie's enemy Rafi still trying to turn him over to the Corporation, Charlie has plenty of problems to deal with.

“Lionboy – The Chase” is a worthy sequel to the first “Lionboy” book. I especially enjoyed the wonderful descriptions of Venice and the new characters introduced in this second installment of “Lionboy” are just as interesting as the original ones. I would definitely recommend “Lionboy – The Chase” to anyone who has read the trilogy's first book.

Note: The author Zizou Corder is not a real person. Rather it is a stage name used by Louisa Young and Isabel Adomakoah Young.

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Book Calendar said...

That is rather intriguing. Lions walking around Venice is not something expected.

NathanKP said...

Yeah, it makes for a very exciting and enjoyable novel.


Ken Armstrong said...

Lion Boy was a good read, I read it aloud to my eight year old. I will look forward to the sequel now, thanks for posting on it.

NathanKP said...

I'm sure you'll love this sequel. Either today or tomorrow I'll be posting the review of the third and last book of the trilogy, so come back again soon, Ken.


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