“Alex and the Ironic Gentleman,” by Adrienne Kress

Book Cover of Alex and the Ironic Gentleman by Adrienne Kress“Alex and the Ironic Gentleman,” by Adrienne Kress is a mesmerizing adventure story about a young heroine on a mission to save her sixth grade teacher from a group of deadly pirates.

Alex is a ten-and-a-half year old girl who attends the Wigpowder-Steele Academy, a prestigious institution noteworthy for its stuffy personalities and ancient teachers. Needless to say Alex doesn't exactly enjoy attending school, that is, until her class gets a new teacher. Mr. Underwood knows how to teach lessons in a way that makes them interesting, and he always answers the student's questions. Not only that, but for P.E. he teaches the students how to fence!

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Review of "Alex and the Ironic Gentleman" by Adrienne Kress

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